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SPC stone plastic flooring

The raw material of stone plastic flooring is natural stone powder, which is constructed with 4 layers in total. It is still ultra-light and ultra-thin, and does not contain any radioactive elements, making it environmentally friendly and safe. There is a transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of the stone plastic floor that is specially processed by high technology, which is connected to the decorative layer. There are many styles and the embossed workmanship is fine and realistic, which can easily create the natural and comfortable feeling of the wooden floor.
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The biggest selling point of stone plastic flooring is that it is 100% waterproof and moisture-proof. Because the raw material of slate does not absorb water, it can avoid swelling problems and can handle daily household cleaning, so it is especially popular with families with children or pets. Its high density can also absorb noise when hard objects collide with the ground, and it has an anti-slip effect. Most people also like to lay it in bathrooms and kitchens.
The floor does not require special maintenance and care, which eliminates the need for maintenance. Its lifespan is relatively longer than that of rubber flooring, which is economical. Generally, the installation and laying procedures are easy. Customers only need to choose the design and matching plan to create a beautiful and comfortable home or commercial space.

​Fireproof and flameproof

SPC floor style
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