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Why do outdoor floors remain durable despite being exposed to wind and rain? What’s so strange about the composition of outdoor floors? How is it different from ordinary indoor floors? It must be able to withstand the changeable outdoor weather and strong temperature changes. This is very demanding for outdoor solid wood flooring. To become a leader in outdoor flooring, you generally need to have the following characteristics The most basic conditions:
      1. Outdoor solid wood flooring has strong stability: Ordinary wood floors are relatively hygroscopic and will be easily deformed after being washed by rain and snow outdoors, which is not a long-term solution;
      2. Outdoor solid wood flooring is strong and corrosion-resistant: there is sufficient rain outdoors, which is easy to breed fungi and termites, and the wood corrodes quickly;
      3. Outdoor solid wood floors have strong pressure resistance: there are many people walking outdoors, so the floor needs to be strong in pressure resistance.
      According to the characteristics of outdoor solid wood flooring, the material suitable for outdoor flooring is carbonized wood.
     Carbonized wood technology has not developed very quickly in our country, but it is a relatively mature technology abroad, and many countries use carbonized wood. In public facilities in my country, carbonized wood is not commonly used for outdoor floors. Most of them are composite floors, laminate floors, solid wood floors, etc. These floors are not very corrosion-resistant and are easily deformed under outdoor conditions. Cracked, faded.
     The advantages of carbonized wood outdoor flooring are:
     1. Not easily deformed
     2. Strong corrosion resistance
     Utilizing ultra-high temperature to pyrolyze outdoor solid wood floors, the wood components undergo complex chemical reactions during the ultra-high temperature heat treatment, changing certain components of the wood. On the one hand, it reduces the nutrients for wood decaying bacteria, inhibits the growth of fungi in the wood from the food chain, and improves the wood's corrosion resistance; on the other hand, complex chemical reactions occur in the wood to produce some harmful substances that are resistant to decaying bacteria. Harmful acidic substances inhibit the growth of decay fungi, thus improving the decay resistance of wood.
     3. Uniform and shiny color
     Utilizing ultra-high temperature to pyrolyze outdoor solid wood floors, the wood has a uniform color. Some minerals inside the wood are partially released to the surface of the wood after ultra-high temperature treatment, giving it a lustrous appearance.
     4. Clear texture
     5. Health and environmental protection
     No chemical preservatives are added to the outdoor solid wood flooring to ensure the health and environmental protection of the carbonized wood, and the skin can directly come into contact with the carbonized wood.
     6. Recyclable
     Because outdoor solid wood flooring does not add any chemical ingredients during the production and use process, it is pure natural wood and can be recycled, thereby saving resources and reducing costs.
Pressure treated outdoor solid wood flooring can be used for:
Deck, patio, board dock, fence, outdoor furniture, patio, walkway, bridge, baseboard, store sign, planter, bench, gymnasium seating, platform, game room, entertainment structure, storage shed, shed, corridor , steps, roller coaster, railings, road signs, sound insulation barriers, retaining walls, waterproof walls
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