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The standard name of composite wood flooring is: "impregnated laminated wood flooring", which is composed of four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density base material layer, and balance (moisture-proof) layer.
The surface layer of laminate flooring is a wear-resistant layer, which is composed of evenly distributed aluminum oxide. The "wear-resistant rotation number" that reflects the wear resistance of laminate flooring is mainly determined by the density of aluminum oxide. The surface wear-resistant layer has good resistance to It has abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance and fire retardant properties. In daily use, it only needs to be cleaned with a wrung rag, mop or vacuum cleaner. It also has many varieties of designs and colors, which are fashionable and can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.



Composite flooring is made of several layers of wood; the surface layer is a solid wood layer, about 3mm, which is then overlapped and combined with several additional layers of sandwich wood.


Composite flooring has the texture of solid wood flooring but provides better practicality and stability


Composite floors can be lightly renovated and polished

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