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Floor maintenance tips
Wood floor maintenance

1. Pay attention to ventilation and convection, and avoid long-term sealing and sunlight.
2. If you spill a water container or drink, please wipe it immediately to keep the floor dry.
3. Protective foot pads should be placed on tables and chairs to avoid scratches (wooden flooring. )
4. To mop the floor, you can use a vacuum cleaner first, and then use a special cleaning set or a clean water rag.

5. Please remember to close the windows on rainy days to avoid rainwater splashing in.

6. It is best not to wax the wooden floor. The protective layer of paint should be 8 to 10 layers, which can be used for 25 years.

Floor maintenance tips
Common problems and solutions for wooden flooring 

1. Floor deformation:

Wooden floors will release and absorb moisture, so when the moisture exceeds a certain range, they will deform slightly. Generally speaking, there are two situations:

a. A gap appears between the floor and the floor: The reason is that the floor releases too much water vapor due to dryness or [oven effect]. If you find this phenomenon, you can use a slightly damp mop to mop the floor several times in a row. That’s it.

b. The floor is wavy: The reason is that the water vapor contained in the air is too heavy and the wooden floor absorbs excess water vapor. This situation tells us that we should turn on the dehumidifier for dehumidification.

Floor maintenance tips
The floor makes strange noises

There are two scenarios: One is the normal sound produced when the floor adjusts the humidity. In this case, there is an occasional popping sound, but it disappears when you look for it carefully. This type should disappear after a while.

The second type is the sound produced by the friction of the tongue and groove of the floor. This type of sound is continuous sound. This is normal.

Scratched floor

If the floor is scratched, you can use floor wax to wipe the scratches so that they will not look so obvious. For more serious scratches, you can go to a paint store to buy clear paint and just apply a little paint.


Damaged by vermin

Insect infestations generally occur in relatively humid places, and the most common ones are termites. If this occurs, please contact a pest control company.

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