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M-Wood2 environmentally friendly
outdoor wood engineering 

(Made in Japan)

M-Wood2 adopts advanced technology made in Japan and exported directly from Japan.

There is absolutely no other origin or production line, beware of counterfeiting.

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All customers who purchased M-Wood2 product which installed by BASSWOOD Flooring can enjoy a 36-month after-sales quality guarantee*!
*Subject to  terms and conditions








Environmental protection concept

M-Wood2 uses recycled wood from the construction industry, factory processing waste materials, and waste plastics as raw materials, which are crushed and mixed to produce corrosion-resistant,
Environmentally friendly recycled materials with weathering resistance, ant resistance and weather resistance, 51-55% of which are wood raw materials and can be recycled and reused multiple times.

M-Wood2 realizes the ideal of waste recycling, realizes the ideal resource recycling material, and creates products that are better than solid wood.


Decay resistance

Can maintain beauty for a long time

M-Wood2 is a water and moisture resistant material. Generally, natural wood will deform and rot when exposed to water, but M-Wood2 contains resin components and is water- and moisture-resistant, so there is no need to worry about rot and warping.

M-Wood2 also has stronger UV resistance than natural wood to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time. In the past, it was difficult to use natural wood for swimming pools, etc. due to constant moisture. Now M-Wood2 has become the best choice for these places.  



No harm to human health

M-Wood2 is a safe and harmless plastic wood. It is generally used as a raw material for outdoor facilities and indoor decoration materials. The plastic itself has the effect of preventing insects and ants. There is no need to add preservatives to achieve the purpose of preventing insects and ants, and it is not harmful to human health. M-Wood2 complies with Japanese food grade inspection standards.



Effective against termites

M-Wood2 is a type of wood that is resistant to termite attack. Termites prefer dark and humid places and often attack damp parts such as trees and wood chips. M-Wood2 is not susceptible to moisture and contains plastic components that are indigestible by termites, so it has a high degree of anti-termite properties.


Maintenance methods are simple and convenient

M-Wood2 is a kind of plastic wood that can maintain long-term durability with simple maintenance methods. Outdoor facilities are affected by wind, rain and long-term sunlight. Natural wood must be poured or coated with preservatives or other coatings, and maintenance is often required: Even with such laborious maintenance, natural wood only has a lifespan of about 10 years at most. However, M-Wood2 can remain durable for a long time with simple maintenance. It does not require anti-corrosion or regular wood protection paint, which reduces considerable maintenance costs. It is a very economical material.



Able to design various shapes

M-Wood2 can be molded into various shapes and lengths without any additional cost and allows for freedom of design. Colorants can also be added to make the color expression rich and diverse. At the same time, discarded M-Wood2 can be recycled again, adding plastic and wood powder to make new M-Wood2.



The birth of M-Wood2:  

  • M-Wood2 from Japan is Japan's long-term commitment to promote the realization of "ZERO EMISSION". One of the results is the environmentally friendly material M-Wood2, which has been carefully researched and developed since 1980. Recycled wood is made by regenerating a large amount of waste wood and waste plastics produced in the residential construction industry.  

  • Turn waste into resources and then become products that make people's lives more comfortable. The M-Wood2 technology developed in Japan is not a simple waste reuse (Re-cycle), but an environmentally friendly process based on refined refining (Re-fine). M-Wood2 presents the visual and tactile feel of natural wood that is difficult to achieve with previous plastic wood technology. At the same time, it has better performance than natural wood.

  • M-Wood2 uses waste wood and waste plastic as raw materials. Waste wood-based raw materials are ground into powder, and then waste plastic (thermoplastic plastic)-based raw materials are pulverized. The wood and resin are mixed and extruded through an extruder. M-Wood2 realizes the ideal of recycling waste and creates better products.

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Download M-Wood2 product information

M-Wood2 新成員 M-Wood2 PLUS


精益求精,是日本匠人們的生存之道,亦是他們的執著。大至革新科技,小至起居飲食,都能看到這種執著為人們帶來的進步。而在地板製造技術上,不斷的追求更自然、更優雅、更環保的,就是今天介紹M-Wood2新成員【M-Wood2 Plus】。


M-Wood2 Plus 保持主要材料100%可回收的特性,同時進一步美化了傳統再生木材的設計,成就天然木材的浪潮。



M-Wood2 Plus 以單一自然色為基底,配合深淺的過渡,創造出與自然融為一體的空間。在M-Wood2 Plus 的原材料中,調和了不同顏色深淺的木材,因此每一塊木材都有更自然的顏色過渡,外觀自然優雅。



M-Wood2 Plus 擁有婉約柔和的木材紋理,地板表層可以展現出不同的角度、光暗的效果,即使是平面的地板都能呈現出多樣的視覺饗宴。無論在日常光照,或是在夜裏觀看,都有不一樣的氣氛。



M-Wood2 Plus 的色調和紋理都是同一時時間進行模製的,所以它保持了整體的一致性,隨着時間推移,就不用擔心出現顏色深淺不平衡的情況。


M-Wood2 Plus 現正提供「灰米色 (Gb)」顏色選擇,並且兼具靜電特性 JIS A 1455(III級:具有抗靜電特性的地板材質與地板)和充電性能Time S A 1455(3級:抗電性基板材質Wayangko基板)。

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M-Wood2 outdoor project showcase

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