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Dance studio floor project case-650 feet

Dance studio floor project case-650 feet

Inside the dance studio, the seemingly ordinary floor turns out to contain an extraordinary structure? !


[The importance of dance studio floors] Just like dancers’ shoes need special structures, the floor materials and structures of dance studios must match to provide safety protection for users, reduce the impact caused by landing when jumping, and reduce Chance of injury ⭕️. Common floor fabrics used in dance studios include:

Resilient floor

wooden dance floor



In the project case introduced this time, the customer chose the carpet provided by the customer. We went with the professional masters from Basswood to see how the floor of the dance room was laid! 👷🏻‍♂️


[It turns out that the key structure of the floor from bottom to surface: sound insulation cotton > walnut > plywood >❓ 】


The first is the indispensable sound insulation cotton🧽. Sound insulation cotton helps block sound penetration and prevents sound from disturbing the outside. The characteristics of sound insulation materials are high density and flat surface materials, which can effectively block the transmission of sound waves, no matter what style you dance. Dancing will not make too much noise, but the sound insulation cotton is relatively soft, so it must be made of wooden dowels as a supporting board to make it strong.


So then I used wooden walnut🪵 as the second layer of space, so that the floor would not be in direct contact with the sound insulation cotton, and at the same time, the usability of the sound insulation cotton was improved👍🏻👍🏻. In addition, the wooden tree can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, is durable and wear-resistant, and is easy to install⛑. Through the interweaving of wood and other layers, it absorbs the impact when the user lands on the ground, reducing the risk of injury🈴.


Then lay the plywood. The plywood is made up of several layers of thin wood chips stacked up to close the underlying structure. This prevents the wood and sound insulation cotton from being affected by moisture, insects, and other environmental influences. It prolongs the life of the floor and at the same time strengthens the resistance. The bending force is the same as the load-bearing force🦾🦾.


Finally, regarding the surface of the floor🎨, guests can choose floor mats or dimensional boards according to their own needs or preferences, or even imported seamless composite floors. ⭕️Fiber flooring can imitate a variety of wood grain effects and is cheaper; ⭕️Laminated floors have The texture of solid wood flooring provides better practicality and stability, each with its own benefits.


🏆Basswood has so far participated in various large-scale chain stores, clubs, outdoor and residential flooring projects, with professional and experienced installation and after-sales teams, providing free door-to-door measurement quotations, 📲Please feel free to contact us to learn more!

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